Inspired to cook


My very first motivation to learn how to cook came from a packet – a packet of Korean black bean paste sauce that my sister’s friend gave to her. I have eaten jjajangmyeon before but the idea of jjajangbab (black bean sauce rice) was pretty weird to me.

Nonetheless, I gathered all the ingredients which included carrots, beef, pumpkin, onions (lots of ‘em!), potatoes and garlic.

Cried while chopping the onions (organic from Zhenxin farm), pondered the difference between white onions and yellow onions, prepped the rest of the ingredients.

AND. While I was throwing in all the ingredients, realised I hadn’t cut the beef chunks yet. HORROR. I somehow manage to forget steps or ingredients in a recipe (the most jialat case was forgetting water in a 3-ingredient Betty Crocker cake recipe). Now you know why this blog is called “Don’t miss a step”? 😛

So I raced to cut the beef chunks, wondering if I should turn off the stove, afraid that the onions and garlic would get burnt to toast!! Fortunately, the ingredients survived in the time I took to cut up some pieces of meat.

The finished product was delicious over a plate of steaming hot rice. It looked gross, like dregs from sweet sauce chee cheong fun in a blender. There’s a wee bit too much sauce, my mum says it’s too salty (my tears got in the onions??)  but my sister and I go for seconds and thirds (respectively).

I was so excited about this dish that I tweeted about it.

Cooked something I liked for the first time today. Even if the taste came from the paste. Jjajangbab!  짜장빱
26/11/16, 2:19 PM

Motivated to uncover new dishes. :]]]

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