The baked apple project that crumbled

Inspired by my jjajangbab success, I went on to search for more recipes that I could manage. My source? Yummly! It’s like Pinterest for recipes. Pin whatever catches your fancy. I like that there are reviews and likes to help me screen whether it’s a recipe worth trying. Here’s what it looks like:


My only gripe would be that the recipes are very American-centric so the metrics and ingredients are different or more expensive in a Singapore supermarket. Also, no real-legit asian recipes. Haha, or maybe I can pin them there myself from another cooking blog. More on cooking blogs in another post, 🙂

(EDIT: So you can convert from US to Metric measurements on Yummly! Also, the serving size is editable. WEW.)

SO. I bought 5 apples from Poland. Can’t remember the name of them but they felt kinda sticky (juice or pesticides??) and soft. BUT they were the cheapest and I thought since they were gonna be cooked, fine.

I can’t determine if the apples were the problem but they weren’t the best.

Bought a bottle of cinnamon powder. Realised I didn’t have a lemon and didn’t risk it with lime juice (what’s the difference though?) so I had to go to the supermarket again!

Peeled the apples, cored and chopped them. Placed them in a glass dish that was just the right size (whoop!). Mixed in cinnamon powder and sugar. Preheated the oven to 180 C instead of 190 C (375F) because the oven didn’t have that heat setting.

Conscientiously opened oven to flip apples to ensure that they were evenly cooked.

Finished product: apples were soft and looked alright. However, they tasted very tart/sour (in my sister’s words). Still, I’m not a fan of apple pie so anything less than amaaazing is not gonna make me want to eat it. Haha, JK.

Anyhoo, here’s the 4-ingredient recipe if you want to give it a shot:

Baked Apples with Cinnamon (How it’s supposed to turn out)


My AAR (after-action review):

  • Read the recipe twice (at least)
  • Lay out all your ingredients before making a supermarket run. (i.e. if you stay near a supermarket) so you know what you’re missing.
  • Measure how much sugar you need properly, especially for desserts. There is no tikam.
  • Five apples are a lot. Consider halving recipes on your first try.
  • Could have chopped them into smaller pieces
  • Simplicity of steps and manageable number of ingredients shouldn’t be a reason why you cook/bake something. You should actually like eating it too. Well, at least at the start, when you’re a noob. :p

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