Supermarket shopping is expensive

One of the main reasons I want to learn how to cook is because it’s (supposed to be) cheaper than eating out. So it sure doesn’t make sense if I spend more on the ingredients than I would on a meal out.

I love going to the supermarket. Walking down rows and rows of neatly lined products can be very therapeutic, especially when it’s not crowded.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot resist buying something when I go to the supermarket. It may be the bag of chips on offer (Kettle chips for under $4?!), juice, tea. I never seem to have all the ingredients listed on a recipe I find and often end up buying all of the (rare item) ingredients that I am not likely to use again.

HOW TO SAVE MONEY LIDDAT? Jialat. Armed with a few recipes, I set out to find out how much it would cost me to prepare those dishes. I set out to find:

  • Availability of item  + different brands available
  • Cost of item
  • Items on seasonal / “reduced to clear” sale
  • Size of item

Basically, I looked like a surveyor walking around, taking down prices of food.

Then, I realised. Stupiak. Why didn’t I just check the price of items on an online supermarket such as RedMart to complete my research on how much each dish would cost. Well, better late than never!

Did you know? RedMart has their own housebrand stuff now? #impressed


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