Bite-sized cooking tips

Do you like bite-sized morsels? How about bite-sized morsels of information, just like what Highbrow delivers through their daily emails? So I signed up for their course on Cooking Essentials: How to Start Cooking at Home a while back.

I’m serious about this cooking thing, remember?

While not allll the tips were immensely useful to me, here are my key takeaways:

  • Before starting on a recipe, read it twice. I think I need to read it like 10 times.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is best used for dressings and drizzling, not cooking (Everyday olive oil is fine for sautéing)
  • Keep 15 recipes on rotation (Your go-tos!)
  • An essential tool is a 10-inch pan
  • MY FAVOURITE TIP: If you have found a recipe you love, check out other recipes from the same source. Chances are, you will like them too.

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