I didn’t cook anything this week

I’m no Julie from Julie and Julia, the movie. How on earth did she cook a dish a day? I’m struggling with a dish a week! Simply because the only 2 days I have time to cook are Saturdays and Sundays.

For a change, Imma show you something someone else cooked. You may not learn anything from it but it might inspire you to cook.  I’m inspired to try out the brussels sprouts recipe! Here’s the story: Alvin, a JC mate organised a gathering. It’s been 11 years since we got to know each other (for some of them, 15 years!) when we joined the Judo club in JC. It was meant to be a potluck but thank God it wasn’t. HAHA. Because Davis, the one responsible for all the food photos below, offered to cook.

Photo credits: Danli

Salt encrusted salmon. That’s 4kg of salt btw.

Did you know salt solidifies when heated? A cleaver was used to break open the salt vault.


SALMON. Such a lovely colour!


The tur-duck-en and its veggie equivalent

What did I learn?

  • Presentation matters a lot. And I’m not just talking food photography. The watermelon juice was transformed into a refreshing soup just cos it was placed in a nice bowl, with a sprig of mint leaves, dash of tabasco and black pepper.
  • Not every dish works but hopefully, you can depend on all-time favourites to save the day whilst experimenting with new stuff. In this case, the interesting vegan cheesecake I talk about further down, was probably an experiment.
  • Adopt an “anyhow make” attitude. If you’re not hard on yourself to create something amazing every. single. time, it helps you start again after an unsuccessful run.



Refreshing watermelon soup and brussells sprouts dish

With Western food, I find that it can be a bit gelat (rhymes with jialat!) so the watermelon soup (soup or juice, it’s up for contention) was a refreshing and welcome item on the menu. Next to it, you see a vegetable dish that was absolutely delicious! Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and BACON. That is all. Don’t think I had liked brussels sprouts before this but I went for seconds or thirds – I cannot remember. :$

Vegan Cheesecake


So the vegan cheesecake was rather interesting. By interesting, I meant I would probably not want to try out this recipe or eat it again. Hahah, even if it felt super healthy. The top is raspberries and something, the middle is something and spirulina (aka Algae, say algae lah!) and the bottom is the best part: coconut and pineapple. Apparently, there’s alcohol in this too but I couldn’t taste it. Haha. That said, it was a sweet and tart end to the meal.

When will I be able to manage something of this scale? :p Till next time!




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