Japanese Curry: A quick meal to feed a large family

So a group of 13 + 2 kids booked an airbnb apartment in jb for out church planning retreat. There was sooo much space and the place was rather well furnished.

Working the kitchen. Love the island!

We checked in, settled down, set off to buy groceries (not me 😅) and by dinner time, our party of 15 was waiting expectantly for the first of more homecooked meals to come.

Cooking for a large group is never easy. Doing so in a limited time frame in a foreign kitchen with limited resources makes it even less so.

Thankfully, we have Japanese curry!  I like to think of it as a comfort dish that is delivious and requires fewer hours slaving in the kitchen. It brings back memories of the Japan team cooking for the street kids at Angkor of Faith in Cambodia. :p

So today’s featured dish was cooked by Isaac and Candice Tay. The secret ingredient is minced apple, which brings out a subtle natural sweetness in the curry. Yummy!

On another episode of Tay Can Cook,  we explore the Japanese curry dish.


Will be likely to try out this dish, perhaps after I’ve learnt to cook rice.  Kekeke


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