My SkillsFuture Story: 2 days foundations of Chinese cuisine by Palette Sensations

A few months ago, my company shot a series of SkillsFuture videos. If you’re wondering what SkillsFuture is, it’s free money from the government to upgrade yourself for those above the age of 25. The OH-fficial definition is: SkillsFuture is a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. This story in particular, is about a guy who learns how to cook. Coincidence or was I inspired by it? Haha, idk!

So yes, I have been looking out for ways to spend my credits on Coursera, the online learning academy. In the mean time, while on my quest to learn how to cook, I chance upon this cooking class where one can use their skillsfuture credits. WOO HOO! I mean, cooking is totally a skill I will use for now and in the future. Also, that definition… “regardless of their starting points” just speaks to me on another level. So YASS! I signed up for it, despite the fact that I have to take leave to go.


The process is really simple. You sign up, pay, receive an email with the invoice and proceed to make your claim on the website. It all happens in a couple of days.

If you’re interested, the class is held by Palette Sensations, which has pretty good reviews on their website. Hah! And here’s the link to what I have signed myself up for. There are a ton of other classes, though not all are eligible for skillsfuture credits. The reason why I chose Chinese cuisine was because my palate is more used to eating Chinese food every day, having grown up on my grandma’s cooking. Also, I find it easier to follow Western cook books as well as read up on recipes and reviews online but I haven’t found any Chinese cooking resource that I love or find easy enough to replicate. I also want to learn more about the techniques.

  • boil, broil, scald 烫,醉,煮,涮,滚,羹
  • steam, double boil, slow cook 焖,蒸,扣
  • Drunken prawns 醉虾
  • Boiled pork belly with garlic and chili sauce 蒜泥白肉
  • Scald Beef in Sichuan gravy 水煮牛肉
  • Seafood bean curd thick soup 海鲜豆腐羹
  • Steam pork ribs with preserve black bean 豆豉排骨
  • Double boil sundried vegetables and pork belly 梅菜扣肉
  • Braised fish head with potato vermicelli 粉皮鱼头
  • Ginger clam soup 姜丝蛤蜊汤

I am excited about the ginger clam soup and feeling kinda intimidated by the drunken prawns. Also, the fact that I am going for the level 2 class cos I couldn’t make it for level 1. AND I emailed the school to ask if this was okay – a noob attending level 2 but they said I didn’t need to attend level one. So err, YOLO!

Till next time! If I can cook all these things, I can totes “prepare a CNY feast”, in the words of a friend whom I was hoping to ask along. Haha.


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