It’s all about that bass at Restaurant Ember

Thanks to the Entertainer app, my colleagues and I found ourselves in Restaurant Ember a few days back. We’ve walked past numerous times but this was our first time walking in. Found this description on the restaurant’s website.

Fourteen years ago, when Keong Saik Road was seeing its less-than-hip days, Restaurant Ember carved out its niche with its ‘Modern European with an Asian Twist’ menu and concept and was the one of the first major draws to former red light district. This year, Loh Lik Peng’s first restaurant in Singapore will be undergoing a change in menu concept with its latest hiring of Executive Chef, Alex Phan. The recent nominee of the World Gourmet Summit Rising Chef of the Year 2016, plans to introduce a Market-to-Table concept; a direction inspired by both Ember’s current location, having Chinatown wet market located a stone’s throw away and Chef Alex’s personal interest in supporting local businesses.

In addition to the market produce and in line with the recent movement by the government and consumers in the last couple of years to support local, the kitchen team has also started to initiate collaborations with home-grown producers like Ah Hua Kelong ( to showcase their products and encourage local sustainability.

I was excited by the idea of market to table dining. There is the (wishful) thought that if the ingredients can be found locally or nearby, one might be capable of cooking something similar. I usually dismiss recipes that require too many ingredients that are hard to find or cost a lot in Singapore and was interested to see what flavours could come out of local produce.

I got the Sea Bass and it was so delicious. The white flesh was milky and sweet, and the assam reminded me of the curry fish that my grandma cooks (very rarely). Usually and still  am not a fan of lady’s fingers, but they somehow managed to take out the gooey, squelchy texture that I dislike. This was one of those dishes that you take one bite, another. And before you know it, it’s all gone too soon. Talking about sea bass, I learnt how to make Fish Head Vermicelli (using Sea Bass head) at my Skills Future class recently and am keen to try making it soon! More about the class in another post! :]Jenny ordered the pork loin and it was really tender! It kinda almost felt like a beef steak. 

Finally, we didn’t try the dessert but it looked pretty interesting. Very #SupportLocal :] Till next time!


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