Learning to cook at Palette Sensations

As mentioned in my previous post, I signed up for a 2-day cooking class. Here’s a look at the space we cooked in and a teaser to some of the dishes I will share the recipes and what I learnt. We cooked a number of dishes (4 per day) but I will only blog about those I really liked and hope to replicate at home. Hahaha.

The makeup of the class ranged from someone who had never held a knife nor fried an egg in her life to seasoned chefs (i.e. cook every day for their families) who wanted to expand their repertoire of dishes. I liked how we did a round of introductions to get to know each others’ backgrounds in cooking as well as what sort of dishes we liked.

Our working space! We worked in teams of two and cooked on induction stoves so no fear of burning the place down! :p
Our personable teacher, Chef Shih Erh
Our steamed prawns! Here, Chef Shih Erh “transforms a $20 zhi char dish into a $45 one by plating / bowling it nicely”

So I took half day leave to attend this course but I had no idea cooking would be so so so tiring! I was too tired to enjoy eating the dishes we had cooked. I would go as far as to label it fatigue. Hahaha. The fact that I woke up too early in the morning (perhaps, because excitement!) also contributed to the tiredness. Nonetheless, it was really enjoyable and I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in cooking.

Till next time,

The jialat cook! :]



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