Learning to cook at Palette Sensations Day 2

Day 2 seemed less tiring than day 1. Perhaps because I was more prepared for what was to come. My only gripe is that I didn’t learn any vegetable dishes ( preserved vegetables don’t count :p). Perhaps, the only thing I will re-attempt from the dishes you see below is the Fish Head with Potato Vermicelli. The fish head was so delicious! I wish I had more room in my tummy.Here, you see the prep work for the Scalded Beef in Sichuan Gravy. This is for the sauce. There’s quite a bit of prep required for the chilis – cutting and frying.If you look closely, you can see the Sichuan pepper balls. The chilis give it a smoky flavour but the little balls give the 麻辣 flavour (aka brain-numbing spiciness). I bit into one of those and stopped eating that dish altogether.2cm of oil is the de rigueur for this dish. Great for those with a heavier palette.Ingredients that we used!Mei Cai with pork, after being steamed. We had to invert it onto a plate.TA-DA! I think it’s pretty cool that roasted pork can be transformed into this soft, braised-looking fatty pork with a lovely gummy texture.Fish heads, ready for us! I would say it’s not easy to find fish heads! They have not appeared at the two supermarkets near where I stay. I suggested we name our fish head. My cooking partner was not amused. :pIngredients prepped for the fish head dish. :]]The black bean pork had a rather interesting flavour because of the black bean. It would be… what you could call complex. A little like buah keluah, if you ask me. The pork was meh – normal. It’s supposedly similar to the soft bone pork you can find at Dim Sum places, which is great if you usually order that dish, but I don’t.


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