Razor clam pasta with creamy sauce and shimeiji mushrooms

Hello! So if you’ve read my previous post, you would know that I won a can of razor clams at my company’s lucky draw. So delighted I was, I immediately went to the supermarket after work and bought some penne pasta to cook with it. I saw some Japanese mushrooms on sale ($1.95 down from $2.45)  and unsurprisingly, bought them too.

After dinner (which my grandma had already cooked), I started my first attempt at this cream pasta. My intention was to cook it and eat it for lunch the next day, which I did. The original recipe doesn’t include razor clams or mushrooms but I can’t imagine eating it without those two.

Embed from Getty Images

It was my first time cooking or eating these at home. With mushrooms, my personal two broad categories are: (1) Flavour enhancers and (2) Flavour suckers.

The first would encompass mushrooms which when reduced, create this lovely mushroomy (lame!) smell that makes you think of creamy mushroom soup that’s not of the Campbell Cream of Mushroom sort. The second category includes button mushrooms from a can or straw(enoki) mushrooms, which never seem to have much taste to me.

I was hoping these would fall under the first category but it felt like enoki mushrooms that were bigger with a bit more taste. Still, I like the bite of these mushrooms and the variation in colour from the rest of the pasta.

Excerpt from Red Mart:

Product of China. Shimeji Mushroom is the third most popular mushroom in Japan, after shitake and enoki. They are called beech mushrooms because they often grow on fallen beech trees. Surprisingly, they have no aroma. But their texture once cooked is smooth, crunchy. Shimeji mushrooms are buttery and nutty and you must cook Shimeji mushrooms. They are perfect to pair with noodles.

Wow, TIL.  

This is me attempting to make my first cream sauce. When the instructions say, “Boil until it thickens”, I wondered when exactly that would be. But if you notice the ring of sauce just above the main portion… that was kinda my indicator. The thicker the sauce got, the longer it took for the sauce to slide down to the main source of sauce. 😅

Fast forward to this leg of the recipe. Because the in betweens left me no time to snap any photos. This is like the final stage where everything gets mixed in. 

I do not like parsley BUT the green bit do make it look better. Wish I had added more. More parsley, more mushrooms AND the entire can of razor clams. What was I thinking??


(Serves 3)

  • 250 g penne pasta, cooked as directed, drained and kept hot
  • 2tbsp butter
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced (I find pounding them in a mortar a lot more efficient)
  • 2tbsp flour
  • 34cup chicken broth
  • 34cup milk
  • 1 packet of brown shimeiji mushrooms
  • 1 can of razor clams (Skylight and New Moon are trustworthy, as compared to the Buddha Jump Over the Wall I bought from unknown brand.)
  • 2tsp parsley flakes or 2-3 sprigs of fresh parsley leaves (cut as small and flake-like as you can)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 13cup grated parmesan cheese

Let’s Do It:

  1. Melt butter and add garlic in a medium sauce pan. (I may or may not have burnt the garlic here)
  2. Cook over medium for 1 minute.
  3. Add flour and cook 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  4. Stir in broth and milk and cook, stirring frequently, until sauce boils and thickens. (This took longer than I thought it would. Not just 1 min like the other steps, FYI)
  5. Throw in mushrooms.
  6. Throw in razor clams.
  7. “Salt bae” or add parsley, salt, pepper and cheese.
  8. Stir until cheese is melted.
  9. Toss hot pasta with sauce and serve immediately.

Price List (A terrible estimate):

  • 1 can razor clams: $6-7ish?
  • 1 packet of penne pasta: $2.30 (Used half)
  • 1 packet of Italian parsley: $2.85 (Used 2 of 6 stems)
  • 1 packet of mushrooms: $2.45 (they cost $1.35 on Red Mart!!)
  • Garlic ??
  • Flour?? (If you have a packet that never seems to finish, just cos’ you don’t bake – free.)
  • Milk?? (If you usually have a carton at home, free)
  • Parmesan cheese ?? ($6?)

After action review (AAR):

  • Should not have held back on the following ingredients – Razor clams, mushrooms, parsley and parmesan cheese.
  • Should have added salt and pepper. HAHA. Mum and sister said it was tasty but I felt it was a bit lacking.
  • Need to remember to prep ALL the ingredients, including cheese because it wasn’t a matter of seasoning it to taste. Just put what the recipe SAYS.
  • Red Mart is quite a good source of knowledge on ingredients. 😁


THANK YOU food.com for the recipe! And for all those reviews that reassured me it was safe to attempt. And cut down the amount of pasta I used. Haha


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