The Coconut Club: ATAS nasi lemak for $12.80

Years ago, Mandarin’s Chatterbox Chicken Rice made waves with their ATAS chicken rice (which costs about $32, including GST.) This post features the most atas nasi lemak I’ve eaten. Though nowhere near $32, it is still a leg up (price and quality-wise) from the usual nasi lemaks you get elsewhere. Yes, I went to THE COCONUT CLUB!

Look out for this bright blue verandah if it’s your first time there. Loving the font they used.

We sat outside but the inside looks like this. Out of the 5 people standing in this photo, three of them are the wait staff. (They are the ones wearing t-shirts with a coconut tree on them.) Let me tell you more about them. So while you’re paying a lot more for nasi lemak than you usually would, your one plate of nasi lemak costs less than a plate of appetisers at a fine dining restaurant. Yet, the service here is like you’re at a fine dining restaurant, with the waiters periodically checking in on you to ask you how the food is.

In this photo, you can see curry vegetables in the middle (atas lontong) which is okay only, $8.5 otak, which you can choose over chicken in your nasi lemak meal (but trust me, don’t.) as well as a glass of iced lemongrass tea ($3) at the bottom right. The drink was refreshing but I’ve tasted better.

Nice work with the level of doneness on the sunny side top. The portion of peanuts was generous and the cucumbers were really juicy. What sorcery?

The chilli? Let me tell you about the chilli. Before that, let me give you a bit of background about myself. I am not a spice-lovin’ person. Chicken McSpicy upsets my stomach. But Mcdonalds garlic chilli is okay. And I like eating chilli if it’s not too mind-numbingly spicy.

This chilli is spicy, slightly more than I can tahan. Yet, I kept going back for more like a girl who refuses to break up with a bad-boy boyfriend whom she knows is bad for her. So what if it gives me the runs? You just keep going back. Love it when the nasi lemak chilli has onions in it, which I believe, give it a sweeter taste. Also, disclaimer: I don’t eat a lot of chilli to know how amazing or normal this chilli is. The important thing (to me), is that I liked it.

And finally, the rice! White, fluffy, with a suitable hint of sedap coconut infused in the rice, this was the first thing I dug into when the plate of food arrived. Did not disappoint. Could proceed with relief. :p

One of the other reasons why I liked this plate of nasi lemak so much is because the chicken was so tender! Besides the nice crisp skin that is well seasoned, I was not expecting this level of tenderness in fried chicken.

This, my friends, is The Coconut Club’s take on Cendol ($3.8). I think it could also be called  Ice Kacang: Gula Melaka Edition. The 4 components of this dessert are ice, green jellies, nice gula melaka (shiok!) and coconut milk. Apparently, there are supposed to be more ingredients in cendol. Besides the not exactly authentic “cendol” I had at Candlenut, which was more pana cotta than cendol, I’ve not ordered it before. Perhaps, I’ve had one or two mouthfuls in Malaysia because everyone raves about cendol in Malaysia but clearly, I am not a cendol connoisseur. My lunch buddy was better able to break it down – not enough other ingredients, green jellies were too small and you can get better at Geylang lah. Still, I think this is a nice, refreshing dessert for a hot day. Unless you don’t like cendol. Then don’t order this. Because it is called Cendol.


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