Gallery and Co: Food that tastes as pretty as it looks

Have you been to the National Gallery Singapore? If you haven’t, how have you not come to this gorgeous place?? A 10-year long project, this is a story of two becoming one, with the City Hall Building and former Supreme Court uniting as one to form what we now know as the National Gallery Singapore.

Taken from the former Supreme Court, this photo spot is pretty popular with Instagrammers. You can see a blend of old (the facade of the City Hall Building which is built in the Neo-classical style) and new (the bridges and tree-like structure that holds up the roof, which is made of 15 150 metal pieces arranged in a way that allows a soft, natural light to filter into the gallery, not unlike sun rays passing through a tree canopy.)

You might come here to see the world’s largest collection of South East Asian art, but the beautiful and history of the building(s) is definitely worth making a trip for.

The Building Highlights tour runs daily 11am & Sat–Sun 3pm

When you’ve finished with a tour (the best way to enjoy a museum IMO), have drunk in the sights of the beautiful spaces, and are feeling suitably accomplished / cultural /pleasantly abuzz with new knowledge / famished, head to the Gallery and Co cafe, located at the City Hall building.

I had the Soy Ginger Salmon Rice Bowl with eggplant salad. It doesn’t look like much… because it wasn’t all that much. Haha. So if you’re going for Hara Hachi Bu diet, where you eat till you’re 80% full, then this is great!

The salmon was nice but I usually can’t tell the difference between how good or great cooked salmon is. It is either okay = good, dry = overcooked or melt-in-your-mouth. This salmon was okay/good.  What I found to be a pleasant surprise was the complementary eggplant salad. Loved that it wasn’t mushy and the strips of green apple were refreshing and created tiny bursts of tartness. (I liked that the green apple was cut in strips and not chunks/cubes because it was easier to chew and not too overpowering that way.)

Another plus point was the incorporation of local elements, like the freshly cut chilli+chives and tiny fish atop the salad. I feel like there is the trying-too-hard attempts at creating local fusion food on one hand, but this was very tastefully done. Er, pun not intended.I also tried the Honey Glazed Grilled Iberico Pork Collar & Tamari Butter Broiled Mushrooms Rice Bowl (Tamari butter boiled mushrooms, mixed green salad and lime vinaigrette) This was rich in flavour and might be pretty gelat (rich) for those with a lighter palate. Still, loved that I had a few bites of the tender and tasty pork.

A pug that was parked outside the cafe. Is it me or do all pugs look alike??Pretty cakes on display. Not sure if it’s worth the $8+ price tag as I did not get round to trying it.Slightly different view of the food. 😅Besides food, Gallery and Co also has a retail and events space. The shop has soooo many pretty and interesting things that require a lot of self control to not whip out the plastic. Photo taking, however, is allowed and encouraged. :p That’s all folks!


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