My first stab at cooking steak

Norway is a beautiful place, well known for their salmon, vikings and their high costs of living. My friends and I brought 60 packets of instant noodles between the six of us on our holiday and I found out that my love for ramyeon (even if it’s Shin Ramyeon) can only take me so far. It wasn’t long before we headed out for the supermarkets and (I) started fawning over the fresh produce. While not cheap, it is cheaper than eating out and heaps healthier as well as more delicious than instant noodles.

For the record, my favourite supermarket is KIWI cos of their low prices. Another cheap supermarket in Norway is EXTRA but I didn’t see it around all that much. The two other supermarkets I saw were COOP and JOKER. I kid you not. Haha!IMG_7687The numbers under joker state the opening hours of the supermarket. This one is open from 8am till 8pm.

Norway was a place of many firsts, one of which was my first attempt at cooking steak. While everything is generally expensive, we found some cuts of steak which were pretty cheap (approx SGD 4-5?)

Some of us wanted to try our hand at cooking it ourselves, while others wanted to just eat it. Haha. Here are some things I read before cooking:

  • Use a heavy skillet / frying pan
  • Heat the pan till it’s very very hot. This will brown the steak faster, allowing you to seal in the juices.
  • Salt the steak or apply marinade before cooking but do not pepper it as pepper burns.

IMG_7938This was my very very first attempt at cooking steak. Though the photo seems relatively well-lit, it was actually about 1am when we started eating. The first lesson I learnt when cooking steak, is that you should fry more than one slab at a time, especially if you are cooking for more than one person and there is space on the pan.

The second lesson I learnt was that steaks don’t cook all that easily. While this one seems fine on the outside, because it’s sooo thick, it was extremely rare on the inside. I had to refry it. IMG_7939It must be a crime to come to Norway and not eat any salmon. We had smoked salmon (pictured), salmon sashimi and frozen salmon, which we popped into soup to cook.IMG_8182Steak attempt number 2 at Alesund. The meat was still very rare. 😦 IMG_8184Another slab of steak, cooked by Jia Hao, who also did the eggs, which were delightfully runny.

The day after coming home from Norway, my mum announces that she’s bought a slab of steak from this warehouse place. Thus resulting in my third attempt at cooking steak! And this time, it was a success despite not having any marinade! Haha. Some sauce would have been nice. A food thermometer too. *hint!*

Pardon the jus I should have sopped up in the picture below.

Just the way I like it :]

What was different this time around:

  • Having poked at 2 other pieces of steak, I had a better idea of how rare it was based on its texture while cooking. Still a wild guess but better than the first two times.
  • I used a thinner slab of meat, which made it easier to cook AND sliced it into two.
  • I think this is a better cut of meat, from the way it felt in my hands and the price. HAHA.
  • I salted the meat with sea salt and patted it dry as the absence of water would allow the meat to brown faster.

How I cooked it:

  • Sprinkled sea salt on meat and pat it dry.
  • Placed butter on pan and waited for it to bubble.
  • Placed meat on pan.
  • Pushed the meat back and forth to keep it cooking without burning.
  • Cooked it for about 3-4 minutes in total.
  • I let the meat rest for 10 – 15 minutes. (Remember to let your meats rest!)

That’s all folks! Till the next steak. :p I am still not confident of cooking it without a thermometer and will probably continue to experiment on cheaper cuts :p


Ending with a lovely photo of Norway that we took before supermarket shopping at KIWI in Alesund. This was just before closing, at about 10.40pm. :p



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