Warehouse food shopping

QB meats

Do supermarkets excite you more than department stores? Then warehouse food shopping is perhaps the equivalent of going to a factory outlet in the States. You hyperventilate, don’t really want to leave and spend more than you expected to.

On the rare Saturday that I was not at the Gallery, I spent it grocery shopping with my “Auntie Squad”. My mum’s colleagues introduced her to this warehouse and I in turn, introduced it to my colleagues. The food items are generally cheaper than what you can find at the supermarket but the biggest draws are probably the steaks and other cuts of beef. To give you a price comparison, 200g of smoked salmon here costs $10.20 but $16.95 at a regular supermarket.

Here’s a picture of my buys. Tee hee!

The store isn’t big but there’s a nice mix of products for you to work/cook with.Pick a number and wait for your turn where you tell the butcher what you want and how many pieces, in what thickness.QB food butcherAs you can see, the meats are not labelled. So check online to know what you want and tell the butcher your order.QB meatsThe two machines with plastic lids are where your meats are vacuum-packed. The red chopping board is where all the action happens.Frozen salmon and smoked salmon galore!Like a mini-supermarket, but with cheaper prices, interesting stuff you won’t usually see in the main supermarkets and… unlabelled food items (perhaps, my only gripe :[ ).QB warehouse food shoppingOur buys!! :]Hello frozen veggies! This was $2.4!! I never thought I would be so excited to see frozen vegetables because in my mind, frozen veggies are peas or the carrot,corn, pea mix. Which I meticulously pick out of my fried rice. However, I’ve read that eating frozen veggies does not compromise on the nutrients and their price points are ridiculously much lower. In fact, Eating Well says that they may even be more nutritious as fresh produce are picked even before they are ripe, to give them time to ripen while they are being exported, giving them less time to develop a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Gonna take that with a pinch of salt. HAHA!pinguin froxen broccoli notice board QB

Came home, famished. Made myself a sandwich with the smoked salmon to stave off the hunger. After which, I dug out some ingredients from the fridge – red bell peppers from the cous cous meal 😮 and shimeiji mushrooms, from the sundubujiggae (korean tofu stew), which I have yet to blog about.

smoked salmon aglio olio
The first thing I cooked with my buys – salmon aglio olio, using the smoked salmon 🙂

Interested in knowing where this place is? It’s QB food and is located in Boon Lay so great! if you’re a Westie. Haha. By right, you can walk from Boon Lay MRT station but with the heat and your bagful of groceries, it’s best if you can get a ride there and back.

Also, do note that you need to make an online order BEFORE you can even enter the warehouse. I presume this is so they can roughly keep track of human traffic. Once you are there, you can shop around for more things. :] Trust me, your basket will fill up in no time. Lastly, it gets pretty crowded on Saturday mornings so if you have time on a weekday, I think the shopping experience will be a lot better, without the crowd.

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