[Review] Trying Gyoza King’s $13.90 Lunch Set 

When asking the question, “why do you eat?”, are there simply two ways of answering it?

  • I eat to live
  • I live to eat

I definitely do not belong in the latter category because there are a lot of things to live for. However, I do not deny the joy a plate or bowl of deliciousness has brought me many a time. Having given it some thought, here are some other reasons why we eat:

  • I eat to live (sustenance)
  • I live to eat (the amazing power of delicious foods are all I live for)
  • I eat to take photos (Gotta keep up that Instagram life, yo. #foodporn #foodstagram)
  • I eat to stay connected (Perhaps the simplest way to get to know someone or catch up with a friend is over a meal.)
  • I eat to cook (Recently, I’ve been doing this — selecting dishes based on what I am interested to learn how to cook so I would know how it should taste.)

It is with this mindset that I chose my sides at Gyoza King, a Japanese eatery at Orchid Hotel, along the stretch with lots of other Japanese eateries (Ramen, .

Fill in your form while waiting in line and you’re all set.Gyoza King Lunch Set menuThis is where I make mention of the rice, which I loved. In fact, this rice has a name / brand. Koshihikari rice! Apparently the second most expensive rice in Singapore. As far as rice goes (which for me, goes pretty far), this was yummy! I had 3 sweet potatoes for breakfast but was still contemplating the regular or large bowl of rice. #CarbCrazy #RiceRave At the start of the meal, we were only served rice, pickled beansprouts and soup. We each went through two plates of beansprouts and half our rice before the first side dish came. Nevertheless, that combi was already tasty enough. Fried fish from Gyoza KingI had the fried fish. It was a little too salty.Sukiyaki Pork with raw egg from Gyoza KingThe sukiyaki pork with raw egg. Oops, we’re actually supposed to dip the meat into the egg but then you wouldn’t have this photo of egg forming a steady stream in air.Spinach with bonito flakes from Gyoza KingSpinach in soy sauce with bonito flakes. A nice break from the other more gelat (rich) dishes. I got this cos it’s healthy and I wondered how it should taste like if I were to trying re-creating it.


  • Yummay rice
  • Good value for money
  • Fresh gyozas (saw them making ’em in the kitchen bar)


  • Mediocre sides which are either hit or miss
  • Time between service of rice and sides is a bit too long


Will I come back? YES!


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