An idea that sticks

Anti-stick pans are perhaps one of the greatest cooking inventions for people who have to wash their own pans. Hello friends!! But they are also not the newest inventions on the block. Tramontina decided to market their non-stick pans with “The Unstickable Poster”, allowing influencers to shoot at coated panels… And watch it slide off the board.

JWT [Tramontina] Untickable Poster from J.Walter Thompson Brasil on Vimeo.

Who doesn’t like to throw food, much less shoot it at targets? Tis’ a fun, novel idea that I wish I’d thought of. Sells the non-stick USP in such a refreshing manner.

tramontina pans

shooting food at targets

tramontina pans influencer

That said, the purchase decision depends on the functionality and price point of the pan. How it looks too, also plays a part, I guess.  However, being introduced to a new line of pans in such a fun way sure doesn’t hurt. Do you have a favourite brand of non-stick pans?


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