Lessons learnt from cooking Rabbokki a third time

Hello everyone! How was your Chinese New Year? Apparently, greeting people with Lunar New Year will anger Chinese people, if you’re Chinese. That’s what Liu Wen found out recently. Mothership will tell you more.

Mine was the same, save for a few things:

  1. We ordered catered food for the second time (My grandma usually cooks everything! :O)
  2. I played mahjong for the first time and paid my dues. 😅
  3. I cooked rabbokki for the first day of CNY, to supplement my grandma’s cooking because it’s red and rice cakes are kinda like a new year type of food.

This picture shows the pot I made for CNY. I wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out because of the taste of the paste and texture of the rice cakes. Read on for my AAR.

And yes, that is an upside down wine glass at the side.

These are the three times I’ve made Rabbokki. As you can see, the effort put into taking photos has gone down with each time. HAHA.

What went wrong this time:

  • The DEOKK (rice cakes): I placed them in a thermal/pressure cooker, which might have caused them to split. I did so because there was no space on the stove so I thought I might take the cooking of the ddeok “offline”. Not such a great idea. This time, the ddeok didn’t have the soft chewiness that we usually get.
    • Recommendation: Put them in a normal pot of warm water for 10 minutes. Not too long or else they may turn soggy.
  • The SAUCE: Somehow, it felt like there was something missing. The taste was not as rounded as previous times. Perhaps it was because I used a different gochujang that is NOT AS SPICY. As I like to say, if it’s not spicy, it’s not ddeokbokki. (I heard my Korean friend say it before and agree!) Haha! If it doesn’t make your nose water and have you craving more, it’s not ddeokbokki! :p

Here’s a buying tip:

  • In Korean supermarkets, they sell ramyeon (instant noodles) without the seasoning. (70 cents vs $1 for a normal packet of instant noodles)
  • I wanted to buy it during the week but it had SOLD OUT. Apparently, someone just bought 3 boxes and it is also very popular with people cooking steamboat. So here’s the tip – buy it early or whenever you see it. It can keep! Because after all, it’s a processed food. 🙂
라볶이 Rabbokki 2.0
Second time I cooked it
Rabbokki 라볶이
First time I cooked it

If you’d like to try cooking Rabbokki, here’s the recipe I have been using. It turns out that though you may be going through the same steps, even changing the brand of ingredients or the way you heat up the food has an effect on the final outcome.

Here’re some pictures of how my CNY panned out. Hope you had a good one!

Thumbs up if you like CNY! Bye guys!

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