What’s cooking?

Here’s my line up of interesting articles and sites I’ve come across recently. 🙂 Coincidentally (or maybe not), they are all about food & feelings. Enjoy~!

1. My Singapore Food


Food, like music, often brings us to special places usually inaccessible on our own. And by special places, I mean memories — memories of your childhood, traditions and milestones. It’s hard to compete with your grandma’s recipe, even if up against a michelin-star restaurant, simply because grandma’s food has a secret ingredient – nostalgia and familiarity. Okay, that’s two but you geddit. :p

This site is a collection of traditional recipes and I love the accompanying videos that not only teach you how to do it but also tell a lovely story of the person sharing the recipe. If you’re looking for traditional Singaporean recipes or a dose of nostalgia, this is it. My only gripe is that the new recipes are not added regularly or at all. >.<”

My Singapore Food is a food revolution movement to save precious heritage recipes that we have grown up with. Real home-cooked recipes are saved on this customised website where everyone is free to watch the step-by-step tutorial videos and cook the recipes themselves.

My Singapore Food site
My Singapore Food site

2. My double life as a food writer and bulimic


I saw this article link on Facebook, posted by Jeremy Fernando. Thanks for sharing! Of the three key phrases “double life”, “food writer” and “bulimic”, guess which drew my attention. The answer is “food writer” – partly because I was looking out for articles to post about here, partly because of my fascination with how people write about food. The best food writers, in my opinion, allow you to taste the food without needing to visit the eatery. An art!!

“Food writing, like any writing, is only any good if it is true.”

Well any way, this is a good read if you eat your feelings. I’m not sure if this holds true to everyone in varying degrees but I can’t deny the effect eating a pint of ice cream or digging in to my mum’s Mac N Cheese has on my emotional (read: happy) state. 🙂

“Food is about more than fuelling your body or even impressing your friends on social media. It is bound up closely with emotion. We eat food to comfort ourselves, to make us happy and quell anxiety. In a growing child it can be especially difficult to recognise the difference between the hunger for food and the hunger to fit in, to be loved.”

3. Rendang : Smells like home


Written by an ex-colleague, Wan, this lovely piece touched me while making me drool over his description of ingredients. The best sort of writing (to me) is personal, coming from a place unique to each of us. This opinion piece was deeply personal and well written. Thanks for sharing, Wan!

“My dad broke my mum’s heart, but she would not acknowledge that hurt. Pride was her weakness.

Hari Raya was a time for forgiveness – but it will be many Hari Rayas before my mum forgave my dad. And it will take much more before my dad made peace with himself.

The comforting aroma of rendang did eventually arrive.

My mum’s Rendang never tasted more divine.”

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