Dry Ramen Nice or Not? Kajiken (Square 2)

There are people who eat anything, people who won’t eat just anything, and people who eat based on what deal they can find on Burpple Beyond. Of course, those three are not the only food personality types out there but you can see where I’m going. :p

Right, I’ll tell you where I went – Kajiken at Square 2. Their first outlet is at Orchid Hotel and I’ve walked past countless times without giving them a second glance because I’m not a ramen fanatic. But hey, having a Burpple Beyond subscription eggs you to try new things – like this dry ramen or (A)mazesoba.

Kajiken menu
Prices here!

Note that you can upgrade your portion of noodles for free – say whaat?! Say arigaato Kaijiken! 🙂

I tried the mazesoba with cod roe and mayonaise – mix it all up for 20 seconds and you get a very tasty mix, which kinda reminds me of the cod roe pasta mix, but nicer la. I went in with no expectations, beyond reading that someone was down to their last (of 4) Burpple deals for Kajiken as it was so good. So I was pleasantly surprised by the nice mix of savoury creamy sauce, fresh like spring – spring onions, and al dente noodles. The dish was so tasty, that the accompanying miso soup seemed a bit tasteless after a while. I was glad I got the regular portion of noodles (though I was struggling with this decision on whether or not to upsize right up till the very last moment) as the sauce is pretty rich.

An added bonus was that with the one-for-one deal, the meal amounted to what you would pay for a dish in Food Republic, where there is no service nor guarantee of a seat nor that your food will be delicious. Sorry, was that a bit harsh? #sorrynotsorry

To add the cherry to the icing, service at the Square 2 branch was good too. The staff were attentive and friendly – always great to have and a pleasant enhancement to the overall experience.

*Nov 2019 exclusions to the Burpple deal: You’re not allowed to choose the mazesoba with all toppings nor the one with braised pork.

Expected damage: $8 – $17+ , depending on whether you have the Burpple Beyond subscription.

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