The M Plot: Make plans to visit if you have a sweet tooth

When you go to a dessert place, and especially if they specialise in macarons, you don’t complain that it’s too sweet. But I’m Singaporean… just kidding! This is just a warning that if you don’t have a sweet tooth, regardless of how sweet this deal on Burpple Beyond is, you might not love it.

Now, where do I begin? The pictures speak for themselves. The macarons are really pretty but the single, smaller ones did not wow me compared to some other macarons from other patisseries, where the flavours are more distinct. With these, you are left guessing – which flavour did I choose again?

For the single macarons, we had Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Mango and Zesty Lemon. We cut them into four pieces to share so it was a pretty nice tasting session where we got to try a bit of everything.

To my surprise, I preferred the big macarons due to the more unusual bite – one had raspberries while the other had hazelnuts in it. They also seemed less sweet and the flavours were more pronounced.

Need to clarify with them – is this real? It looks too pretty to eat!

A special tea selection with a lengthy enough description to feel chi-chi and justify the amount somewhat for placing a tea bag in hot water. I meant, brewing a cuppa. :p

The nice staff obliged our request to have our photo taken. The teapots on the tea cup were nice to drink out of. They removed the tea bags so that the teas are not too strong/tannic as a result. I thought that was a pretty nice touch.

Heaps of superhero art also adorns the cafe walls. I would say they give the cafe a quirky and cosy vibe.

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-05, Singapore 598332

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