Have yourself a merry Muji Christmas

Food may not be the first thing you associate with Muji. And some may call their meal sets expensive caifan (economy rice) – but I beg to differ. I love their combi of hot dish(es), cold dishes, soul and rice! But expensive – yes! Anyway, today we tried their desserts, including their limited edition Christmas tree dessert. From now till 4 Dec 2019, there’s $2 off their festive desserts.


Muji christmas tree
The pretty tree – it tasted like matcha mousse.

It looks like a soft serve ice cream but it’s not.

We also got the Strawberry Fraisier, which is a delightful mix of strawberries, custard cream and nuts. The proper description may be found below. It’s great if you’re going for the festive red and green aesthetic but also delightful when consumed on its own, just cos you want a dessert.

Having tried both their desserts and mains, I would go for their mains again but maybe hold off on the desserts. Not to say it wasn’t enjoyable, it wasn’t something I would particularly look forward to and pay that amount for. What do you think about Muji’s desserts?

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