The Undomesticated Ungoddess

Hello gaise. I have not cooked rice before. The trauma of biting into half-cooked rice mixed with mushrooms, cooked on the beach at OBS (Outward Bound School) when I was 15 has a greater impact on me than one would think. Yes, I am the Undomesticated Ungoddess.

Add to the fact that my grandma is a great cook and my mum whips up yummy western food, I am in no rush to learn to be the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson.

Sure, I like reading books about food. Recipe books, chef biographies, food critic stories. but cooking was never on the top of my list of priorities. My rationale: chicken rice costs $3 – why look elsewhere? :p Dare I say it — I might actually prefer reading about the craft to eating.

In this blog, I will document the dishes I’ve made or tried to make and some tips I’ve picked up along the way. I started learning how to cook in November 2016. Let’s see where this blog will take me. :]